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Wrong water heater installation can result in water damage, scalding temperatures, or even a fire. And also, improper repairs to the heater may exacerbate the problem even more. Do not waste your time and money and put your heater at risk with the inexperienced plumbers. Come to Plumber of Lewisville, TX, for a wide range of professional Same-day water heater services.

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Drain Cleaning
Drain Cleaning

Cleaning the clogged drains inside the house without any damage for faster waste-water exhaust.

Hot Water
Water Heater

Every home has a water heater; Our Company will repair it for you, whatever its type or brand.

Toilets Repair
Toilet Repair

We Repair the toilet for more comfort and prevent any problems due to toilet malfunctions.

sewer repair
sewer Repair

It is a big problem when you are having a broken-down sewer; we offer to repair it immediately.

Need Water Heater Repairs Near You!

When you have no hot water and need it now, remember that you have teams in multiple locations all over the Lewisville, Texas areas that can get to you fast and at a time convenient to you. Our professional plumbing technicians repair all makes and models of water heaters, providing electric water heater repair, gas water heater repair, tank water heater repair, and tankless water heater repairs.

Cannot your water heater supply adequate hot water? Is it taking a long time to heat water? Are there leakings at your water heater from the tank? Does your water heater make noise? Is the water warm, but not hot enough! Is the water running too hot! Is the water that comes from the water heater discolored or odored! If yes, do not hesitate to call the Plumber of Lewisville, TX.

Do you have a leaky water heater? You first need to know that this leak must be addressed as fast as possible. Leaks can be repaired without replacing your heater if you get the proper repairs on time. Please, turn off the water and shut off its power, whether gas or electric. Then, call our water heater repairers to come and detect the source of your water heater leaking. We will check the unit with the latest hardware to address the leak and handle the issue at the best quality and in a short while. We respond in a flash when you need water heater leaking services.

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Need Same-Day Water Heater Installation!

Are you searching for a professional water heater installation/replacement service in Lewisville, Texas, and dreaming of the time when you will find hot water in the faucet? Plumber of Lewisville, TX guarantees you a same-day water heater replacement/installation service that will provide you with a new water heater installed professionally in a short amount of time.

Get the best hot-water-circulating systems that keep hot water in your pipes to be ready for use at a moment’s notice. We deal with all water heater makes and brands, providing you with electric tankless water heater installation, tankless gas water heater installation, tank electric water heater installation, tank gas water heater installation. And also, 50-gallon water heater installation, 40-gallon gas water heater installation, and 40-gallon electric water heater installation.



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Tankless Water Heater Services

Tankless water heaters mean that water is heated as only needed. Therefore, this type of heater is called an on-demand heater. That provides access to unlimited and instant hot water through a tankless water heater—May decrease water heating bills by as much as 30%. When it comes to tankless water heaters, you need to know that the Plumber of Lewisville, TX, has experts who offer professional tankless water heater installation and repair services in Lewisville, TX.

The plumber of Lewisville, TX, also has the necessary equipment to make the needed repairs and installations for most water heater brands. We serve some of the names: Takagi water heaters, Rheem water heaters, Bosch water heaters, Rinnai water heaters, and more.

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Our technicians are licensed and insured and stand by our workmanship 100%.